November 24, 2014

Heavy Duty Plastic roof vents ideal for harsh weather

RV28 plastic roof ventA customer focus on energy efficiency is placing a premium on short, straight ductwork.

Builders often find roof venting provides the most efficient path for exhaust from a home. Some builders are reluctant to cut holes in one of the most vital parts of the building envelope.  The incorrect vent, improperly installed will always be a potential source of problems. Luckily, plenty of venting options are available at reasonable prices. A proper install can ensure years of worry free operation as part of a reliable roofing system.

When choosing a roof vent, plastic resins can offer several key advantages over metal alternatives. It’s important to remember vents on the top of a home will be more exposed to the elements than those in the soffits or walls. Heavy snow, and hail storms may damage metal vents.

Plastics on the other hand, are naturally dent resistant and will stand up to many challenges.  New resin technologies have improved resistance to damaging UV rays. A resin with the right additives will withstand thousands of hours of summer sunshine. Their resistance to condensation will allow plastics to cope with a range of temperature and humidity.

The way a vent is engineered is another important consideration when choosing the right fit for your roof. If snow is a concern, look for a vent cap that will also provide some clearance and a smooth surface to resist the potential buildup of ice. All roof vents should also be equipped with large flanges, or flashing to ensure a watertight seal.

When it comes to roofing, even galvanized aluminum vents are prone to rust and leaks. The best plastic roof jacks are designed without seams that can allow water penetration and don’t use rivets that promote unsightly and harmful rust. 

Aesthetics can also come into play. If seen from the street, roof vents may impact a home’s curb appeal. High-quality plastic can be offered in a variety of colours to match and compliment your home and never requires re-painting.  Unlike metal, plastic can be molded with smooth, rounded edges that blend into the overall look of a structure. In addition, plastic roof vents are lightweight and have no sharp edges, making installation safe and convenient.


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