Soffit Vents

EB4x90 – 90 degree Squeeze Elbow

The Primex 90° Squeeze Elbow (EB4X90) offers a venting solution for tight 2x4 wall and ceiling spaces. Designed to work well with the Primex WG4, WGX4S, RDV4 and DC4 air diffuser products, this unit offers a fast rough-in for quick and easy installation.

SV28 – Soffit Intake and Exhaust Vent

The Primex Soffit Intake and Exhaust Vent (SV28) is ideal for 4-8 inch ducts that require venting with a damper. This versatile unit allows for the termination of kitchen, bath and dryer vents. The SV28 is designed to prevent pests, birds and rodents from entering the home. Multiple configurations available: with damper and screen, with screen only as intake, with damper and no screen as dryer vent.

SV156 – Slab Duct Soffit Vent

The Primex Slab Duct Soffit Vent (SV156) is a low profile, solution for slab duct venting. The seamless hood eliminates leaky joints and provides excellent water protection. The one piece base fits most brands of slab duct. Building owners can realize substantial savings with fewer cleanings required than metal terminations.

SV6x9 – 6 x 9 inch Soffit Vent

The Primex 6x9 Soffit Vent (SV6x9) is a versatile venting solution ideal for attic ventilation, trailer skirting and anywhere additional air flow is needed. This durable vent includes a molded-in mesh screen and is quickly and easily installed to last.

RDV Series – Round Soffit Vent Series

The Primex Round Soffit Vent Series (RDV) is a versatile venting solution for either intake or exhaust applications. This series comes in sizes from 2 to 6 inches and provides a secure fit with UV-stabilized polymer resin. Use with the Primex 4” Squeeze Elbow for installations where space is limited (RDV4’s only).

SV Series – Soffit Vent Series

The Primex Soffit Vent Series (SV Series) consists of low-profile, curved hood that directs airflow away from the soffit. The UV-stabilized, one-piece design eliminates leaky seams. A one-way damper prevents rodents and debris from entering the home while effectively exhausting moisture. The SV Series comes in standard 4, 5 or 6-inch ducting sizes with an aesthetically-pleasing design.