About Us

No other HVAC Venting company knows more about the relationship between the building envelope and HVAC systems.

Living in a temperate rainforest on Canada’s wet west coast, we’ve seen a lot of rain! We know how difficult and important it is to maintain the integrity of a building envelope under constant attack from moisture. Our range of engineered, rainscreen-approved plastic products stand up to almost anything Mother Nature can throw at them. In fact, after a leaky condo catastrophe in the late 90s, PrimexVents worked with local west coast building science engineers and HVAC contractors to develop the patented, rainscreen compatible HVAC ventilation hood. This unique series of wall caps accommodates the air gap between the building and cladding, as required by code. The design also allows the hood to be removed for duct maintenance and cleaning, without breaking the seal of the building envelope!

No rust, No leaks, No worries

Our own team of in-house engineers and designers have learned a lot from collaborating with industry experts. Those lessons are applied to our mold designs to include product features that ensure leak free installations. Such as extra large flanges and built-in drip-edges that lead water away from the vent and seamless molds that allow zero tolerance for leaks. Best of all, plastic never rusts. Ever. And, because PrimexVents uses only high grade resin with the maximum amount of UV protection, our vents stay looking great for years and years. Plastic is also impact resistant, even at low temperatures. PrimexVents vents won’t dent or crack when hit with a baseball or hockey puck. They maintain their “like new” look even after a hail storm that would dent a metal vent.

About Menzies Group

Menzies Group is a trusted family of brands built on market-leading products in roofing, vents and building envelope components. Born out of innovation we enable new possibilities with the highest quality products and a guarantee of performance and availability.

Our Vision

Our vision is to connect the people of the world by creating value at every point along the network.

Our Mission

We work together to create flexible broadband technology and HVAC solutions our customers depend on and our employees take pride in.

Our Values

  • Innovation: Be bold and responsive
  • Creativity: Create solutions to bring value
  • Integrity: Be open and accountable
  • Collaboration: Help each other succeed
  • Connection: Get involved
  • Safety: Everyone is responsible