July 7, 2014

Five Ways to Improve Your Duct Termination

terminator-diffuser-collar-primex-duct-terminationRouting HVAC ductwork can be a complicated challenge, but your troubles aren’t over when you reach the end of a duct in a wall or ceiling. You still need to cap it off with a vent or grille cover such as the PrimexVents Whisper Grille.  Working in tight spaces can make achieving a clean finish extremely difficult.

The good news is recent innovations are helping change that. PrimexVents’s Terminator Diffuser Collar is one of the products designed to make your life easier. The Terminator is an industrial-grade plastic collar that quickly and easily connects a grille to a vent for a perfect fit every time. It solves five common challenges faced by builders.

  1. Installing a mount:
    The Terminator’s standardized mounting system is a major time saver, eliminating the need to fabricate your own mount. Think of the convenience of not having to measure and level your ducting termination because the offset mounting brackets do the work for you. It also means you won`t have to drill any holes in the duct itself. Putting screws directly into the duct can sometimes block the attachment of a grille cover and cause lint build up.
  2. Finding a usable termination point:
    The Terminator makes it simple to position ducting terminations next to any convenient joist or stud. The bracket is designed to mount on both wood and metal.
  3. Movement of ductwork by other trades:
    The Terminator holds your ductwork securely in place.  You won’t have to worry about other contractors accidentally shifting your duct as they route plumbing, and electrical systems, or install drywall.
  4. Sealing the ductwork with the collar:
    The Terminator mounting bracket creates an offset to keep your ductwork clear of studs and joists.  That will leave you the space to tape or apply sealant where the collar joins the ducting.
  5. Safety concerns posed by sharp exposed edges:
    The Terminator leaves behind a safe, smooth plastic edge that eliminates the chance of being cut during installation.

The Terminator is available in three sizes for compatibility with 4”, 5”, or 6” ducts.  The diffuser collar is also preset for 1/2” and 5/8” drywall.  It’s an ideal fit for HRVERV and in-line fan supply and exhaust terminations.  Choosing the PrimexVents Terminator Diffuser Collar will not only eliminate sloppy installations, it will also save you time and increase efficiency.

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