April 7, 2014

Terminator: Termination for your pipe, collar for your grille

PrimexVents Manufacturing Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of the Terminator HVAC diffuser collar, the solution to sloppy, inaccurate termination of HVAC, and HRV ducting. Terminator—a rigid, molded housing with built-in flanges and measurements for all standard applications—eliminates guesswork and simplifies installation. The strong, industrial-grade plastic is durable, lightweight, non-rusting and has no sharp edges.

Terminator attaches in seconds, leaving a level, circular opening that fits ducting and grilles without adjustments or shimming. Ducting fits over the top collar and the rigidity of the bottom circular opening ensures the diffusers and grilles stay snug against the finished surface.

This unique product is ideal for HRV, ERV and in-line fan supply and exhaust terminations. Termination for your pipe, collar for your grille.

Official Release

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