December 4, 2020

Our Expert Guide to Smart Technology and HVAC

smart home technologyThe average American household spends $167 a month on utility bills. A large portion of this is budgeted for heating and cooling. Needless to say, smarter homes means smarter HVAC systems to reduce energy costs while keeping our homes at that perfect temperature.

Our world is getting smarter by the day. Smart technology in our homes is making life easier, more comfortable, and measures better through highly efficient smart appliances and HVAC systems. Contractors and HVAC professionals improve the building envelope of structures through various new smart and green technologies that have recently become available on the market.

Smart Home Technology

Once considered a fad, smart home technology is quickly becoming the standard for builders in the construction industry. New homes and home improvement renovations are all likely to contain at least some smart technology now and into the future. Get ahead of your competition by incorporating the following smart modular technologies into your next project.

Smart Temperature Controls

Central heating and cooling has long been considered a must for advanced HVAC systems, but the technology has come a long way over the years since the first programmable thermostat was patented in 1883. New more advanced sensors are able to control each room separately. These smart sensors are now part of the ever-growing IoT (Internet of Things) making monitoring and changing settings on your HVAC controller possible from any internet-connected device.

Smart HVAC control centers are constantly running efficiency diagnostics to automatically save energy and ultimately money on utility bills. These handy apps will even report how changing your temperature preferences can save you more money and exactly how much you are likely to save.

Automatically Controlled Components

Who has the time or even the “know-how” to run around the house turning on fans, opening vents, and covering/uncovering windows to keep HVAC as efficient as possible. Apps powered by advances in deep learning AI do everything for you, working to keep your system at the perfect temps for each room according to your exact preferences.

With smart vents, fans, and window coverings homeowners have ultimate control over their home’s energy use right from their smartphone or tablet. For example, when you are away on vacation during the holidays, you can set your heating to a minimal setting to prevent pipe freezing. When you are on your way home, you can alert your HVAC to power up and make your home nice and cozy for when you arrive.

Build It With Smart Technology

Smart Technology is the future and the future is already here! Building a home without smart HVAC technologies is like forgetting to put insulation in your walls. Controlling the temperature of a home is the essential basic function of shelter, so it only makes sense to do this smartly.

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