SM Series – Surface Mount Wall Vents

The Primex Surface Mount Wall Vent (SM Series) is the perfect replacement for existing bathroom or range hood exhaust terminations. The SM Series is easy to install and aesthetically pleasing. The seamless, low-profile, one-piece design accommodates standard 4-6 inch ducting. UV-stabilized polymer resin offers long-lasting protection while reducing leaks.

WCI – Wall Cap Intake Vent

The Primex Wall Cap Intake (WCI) has been designed with many of the weather beating features as our WC series of wall caps. This air intake unit incorporates the best features of our patented wall cap with a low-profile intake hood. Designed to work as an intake vent for furnaces, gas appliances, fireplaces, hot water tanks, air conditioners and anywhere else fresh air makeup is required. Available in 5 or 6 inches.

WCX Series – Extended Brick Wall Cap

The Primex Extended Brick Wall Cap Series (WCX) increases the depth of the wall cap for use on the outside of brick and masonry structures. Available in 4”, 5”, and 6” sizes, this rainscreen compatible unit provides excellent, long term water protection.

WC Series – Wall Cap Intake and Exhaust Vents

The Primex Wall Cap Series (WC) is ideal for exhaust and intake applications. This includes the through-wall exhaust of dryers*, bathroom kitchen fans and stove vents, and the intake for furnaces and fresh air make-up. This rainscreen-compatible series comes in sizes ranging from 3-8 inches and in multiple colours.

DV4 – Dryer/Exhaust Vent

The Primex Dryer/Exhaust Vent (DV4) is a simple, durable and aesthetically-pleasing solution for venting residential dryers. The low-profile, one piece design accommodates standard 4-inch ducting. UVstabilized polymer resin offers long-lasting protection while eliminating leaky seams on the vent hood.

WC4xxNS – Rainscreen Dryer / Exhaust Vent

The Primex Dryer/Exhaust Vent (WC4XXNS) is a screenless solution for 4-inch dryer duct venting. This rainscreen compatible vent eliminates leaky joints through its one-piece base and built-in drip edge. A removable hood allows for easy cleaning or replacement.