Aluminum Elbows

The aluminum elbows provide an efficient turn radius for ductwork in tight spaces. Made of high-grade aluminum, the elbow turns 90° within a 4.5” space. Featuring one male and one female snap-lock fitting, the close elbow is a great solution for dryer venting in space-limited installations.

General Details

• Offers space-saving installation through compact design.
• Turns 90° within a 4.5” space.
• Made of high-grade aluminum.
• Ideal for dryer venting applications.
• The Close Elbow is the best choice fro 90° turns, especially on the dryer.
• Use the Wall Offset Elbow or Dryer Offset Elbow when outlet pipe in wall protrudes up to 2.5” and cannot be trimmed.
• Dryer Offset Elbow can also be used on wall outlet pipe if pipe is too large for Wall Offset Elbow.

Colour Options

• Aluminum