RGB Series – Baseboard Return Grilles

The Primex Baseboard Return Grilles (RGB Series) provides an aesthetically-pleasing finish to a range of return air applications. Choose from nineteen different sizes in baseboard depth for a clean profile in Snow White colour. Easy to install, easy to remove and clean, the RGB Series offers a long-lasting HVAC venting solution in durable polymer resin.

General Details

• Thirteen available sizes in 6”, and six available sizes in 8” heights.
• Baseboard 3/4” depth (RGB).
• Increased mounting strength with additional center screw hole on grilles 18” and larger.
• Eliminates harmonic noise hum often produced by metal grilles.
• Easy to remove and clean.
• Made from high-strength, durable polymer resin.
• Includes painted screws.

Colour Options

• Snow White (01)