RVL28NS – No Screen Low-Profile Roof Vent

The Primex No Screen Low-Profile Roof Vent (RVL28NS) is built for the exhaust of dryers. The standard configuration of the RVL28NS comes with a damper. The 4 to 8-inch adapters are sold separately.

General Details

• Enhances aesthetics with low profile that blends in with roof.
• Maximize inventory turns with single hood size and separate 4 to 8 inch easy snap-in adapters.
• Excellent for areas with high wind.
• Eliminates leaky joints and maximizes water protection with one-piece, molded hood.
• Oversized flange ensures watertight installation.
• Long lasting durability with UV-protected, impact resistant polymer resin.
• Intake/exhaust conversion via removable damper.
* Adapter sold separately, see Related Products.

Colour Options

• Black (25)
• Tan (45)
• Light Grey (31)
• Dark Brown (68)
• Dark Grey (28)