Steel Roof Cap

The steel roof cap is a high capacity vent that provides effective airflow for kitchen hoods and other venting applications and is available in two sizes. It offers rugged, durable protection with a baked enamel finish that is compatible with roof cements. A removable birdscreen allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

General Details

• RVM634: Versatile range fits 3.25” x 10” ducting, and up to 8” round ducting.
• RVM636: Available in flush and 4” collared models.
• Rugged, durable 26 gauge galvanized steel with black baked enamel finish.
• Available in two sizes: 18.75” and 11”
• Built-in backdraft damper and removable bird screen.
* Not for use as dryer venting.

Colour Options

• Black