SV28NS – No Screen Soffit Intake and Exhaust Vent

The Primex No Screen Soffit Intake and Exhaust Vent (SV28NS) is ideal for 4inch ducts that require venting with a damper. Unit allows for the termination of dryer vents. The SV28NS is designed to prevent pests, birds and rodents from entering the home. Multiple configurations available: with damper and no screen as dryer vent.

General Details

• Low profile, one-piece molded hood eliminates leaky joints and provides maximum water protection.
• Vents odor and moisture away from the home.
• Removable damper.
• Available for intake or exhaust applications.
• Snap-in adapters ensure a tight seal.
• Quick and easy to install.
• Made with UV-protected polymer resin.
* Adapter sold separately, see Related Products.

Colour Options

• Snow White (01)
• Taupe (23)
• Black (25)
• Light Grey (31)
• Dark Grey (28)