WCX Series – Extended Brick Wall Cap

The Primex Extended Brick Wall Cap Series (WCX) increases the depth of the wall cap for use on the outside of brick and masonry structures. Available in 4”, 5”, and 6” sizes, this rainscreen compatible unit provides excellent, long term water protection.

General Details

• Suitable for brick and masonary walls and intake or exhaust applications.
• Compatible with rainscreen applications via extended base, compensating for cavity between sheathing and brick.
• Eliminates leaky joints, while maximizing water protection with one-piece molded base, built-in drip edge and over-sized flange to ensure water-tight installation.
• Integrity of the building envelope is maintained via a removable hood for simple duct cleaning.
• Made with UV-protected polymer resin for lasting durability.
• Highly resistant to mechanical impact and includes a built-in bird screen.
• Quick and easy installation.
• Hoods match WC Series wall caps.
* For dryer applications we recommend the no screen ‘NS’ model.

Colour Options

• Black (25)
• Tan (45)
• Light Grey (31)
• Dark Brown (68)
• Dark Grey (28)
• Snow White (01)
• Taupe (23)