WGX Series – True-Flow Ceiling Diffusers

The Primex True-Flow Ceiling Diffusers (WGX Series) are durable, highly-adjustable air supply or exhaust vents. The ceiling mountable Series provides whisper-quiet airflow in an unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing housing. Pair the 4-inch model with the EB4x90 for installation in tight spaces. *Can be used for 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8in ducting.

General Details

• Dual flow: whisper quiet air supply or exhaust with four-wing screw to adjust air flow from 0-100%.
• Increased air flow over the WG Series.
• Added security of mounting screws through base flange.
• Snap-on trim ring to hide mounting screws and hole trim is included.
• Long-lasting durability with UV-protected, impact resistant, Polymer resin.
• WGX4S vent (with shorter collar) is compatible with PrimexVents’s squeeze elbow accessory (EB4x90) and 4-inch diffuser sleeve (DS Series).
• Easy to install and remove.

Colour Options

• Snow White (01)