December 18, 2020

Top 3 Green Trends in HVAC

Much like how we must take care of our planet, home to all, we should follow technology trends and take care of our home’s heating and cooling systems with environmentally friendly HVAC systems. Green trends in HVAC technology has contractors and builders designing homes with highly energy-efficient new smart home products.

Want to know how to do your part to save the planet and offer homeowners energy-saving HVAC for their homes? The face of the construction industry is changing – green.

Green Trends in HVAC

We have been keeping a close eye on green building trends in 2019 and into 2020 in order to stay on top of the HVAC industry. Building a modern-day worthy shelter means rethinking the building envelope to take advantage of new smarter HVAC technologies. Are you including the following green trends in your home improvement and building contract quotes?

1. Solar Power

Remember that tree hugger technology that came out in the 1960s – solar power – that cost a fortune and didn’t work so well? Green technology stayed off the trending building technologies list simply because Solar power has come a long way in 50 years and recently surpassed coal and gas to be the cheapest source for utility-scale energy. Incorporating solar to fully power or partially power your HVAC system has the potential to eliminate or drastically cut your carbon footprint.

2. Efficiency Through Automation

As every college graduate with an engineering degree knows, devices are better controlled by automation in a changing environment. In order to save energy, an HVAC system needs to proactively change the settings of components without relying on the homeowner’s intervention.

Smart HVAC application control centers have the power to automatically adjust vents, fans, and window coverings to the changing needs of the home. The credit for these green energy-saving systems goes to deep learning-enabled AI in which applications learn the most efficient way to heat and cool your home.

3. IoT Enabled Controllers

We are all guilty of energy-hogging habits like keeping the heat or AC on while we go out shopping for the day so that when we get home we can immediately get comfortable. Thanks to IoT (The Internet of Things) enabled sensors and controllers we can now control every aspect of our home HVAC system remotely.

Homeowners are now able to control their home’s temperature through an app on their phone or tablet. Imagine telling your 16-year-old son to pause his mobile game and tell the house to warm up and start the coffee maker – we are heading home.

Get Trendy With HVAC Green Trends

Taking care of Mother Earth is everyone’s responsibility, after all, it is the only planet we have. The time is now to incorporate smart HVAC systems into every new home and building and build a more sustainable future.

As smart technology advances, we expect green trends will continue. Read this article for more information on smarter and greener homes.

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