December 20, 2018

Top 5 Home Builder Blog Posts from HVAC Venting

In the past couple years, we’ve written nearly 125 blog posts sharing insights on the news and trends that affect the HVAC industry. Here we share the most-read, which all focus on helping you – our customers – do the best job possible for your clients!

How to choose between a roof, soffit or wall vent 

Wondering what the best option is for airflow? Although every situation is unique, HVAC installers have a choice of good quality and affordable products that can be used in each instance. We share tips on how to select the right one.

How to choose the right wall cap

Venting through walls is often the easiest way to intake fresh air or exhaust fumes from a house. But making any hole in the exterior can compromise the integrity of the building envelope. Read our take on five options.

Choosing the right vent cap for a soffit

When choosing a spot to place an HVAC intake or exhaust vent, soffits provide a convenient solution. The eaves of a roof can be used to help hide vent caps, and play a vital role in proper attic ventilation. Still, it’s important for builders to carefully consider the purpose of a vent before deciding on which cap will fit their specific purpose. Find out when soffit vents are ideal.

How to choose your ductwork

There are several ways to heat, cool and ventilate a home. We list things to consider when it comes to sizing ducts. For starters, the size of the ducts depends on the distance the outlet is from the HVAC unit, the output of the HVAC unit and the amount of area needing to be conditioned.

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