SV Series – Soffit Vent Series

The Primex Soffit Vent Series (SV Series) consists of low-profile, curved hood that directs airflow away from the soffit. The UV-stabilized, one-piece design eliminates leaky seams. A one-way damper prevents rodents and debris from entering the home while effectively exhausting moisture. The SV Series comes in standard 4, 5 or 6-inch ducting sizes with an aesthetically-pleasing design.

General Details

• Low profile, one-piece design is less obtrusive than traditional vents.
• Choose from three different sizes for either 4”, 5” or 6” ducting.
• Can be used in new or retrofit applications.
• No need to penetrate the roof or walls.
• No leaky seams on the vent hood.
• Made from durable, UV-stabilized polymer resin.
• Lightweight and easy to install.

Colour Options

• Snow White (01)
• Taupe (23)
• Black (25)