SV156 – Slab Duct Soffit Vent

The Primex Slab Duct Soffit Vent (SV156) is a low profile, solution for slab duct venting. The seamless hood eliminates leaky joints and provides excellent water protection. The one piece base fits most brands of slab duct. Building owners can realize substantial savings with fewer cleanings required than metal terminations.

General Details

• Molded one piece base.
• Fits most brands of slab duct.
• Removable damper for intake applications.
• Manufactured to replace the standard metal discharge hoods currently available.
• No need to penetrate the roof or walls.
• Low profile one piece molded hood eliminates leaky joints and maximizes water protection.
• Made from UV-stabilized polymer resin.
• Hoods are easily cleaned or replaced.
• Quick and easy installation.

Colour Options

• Snow White (01)
• Light Grey (31)
• Taupe (23)