WCD/WCT – Double and Triple Intake and Exhaust Vents

The Primex Double and Triple Low Profile Intake and Exhaust Vents (WCD/WCT) are ideal for exhaust and intake applications. This includes the through-wall exhaust of dryers*, bathroom kitchen fans and stove vents, and the intake for furnaces and fresh air make-up. They’re custom configurable with multiple sizes and available in either screened or non-screened. These rainscreen-compatible vents feature removable hoods and long-lasting, durable UV protected polymer.

General Details

• Compatible with rainscreen applications via extended base, compensating for cavity between sheath and brick.
• Eliminates leaky joints, while maximizing water protection with one-piece molded base and built-in drip edge.
• Integrity of the building envelope is maintained via a removable hood for simple duct cleaning.
• Suitable for intake and exhaust applications.
• Over-sized flange ensures water-tight installation.
• Made with UV protected polymer resin for lasting durability.
• Highly resistant to mechanical impact with a built-in bird screen.
• Quick, easy installation with an assembled base.
* For dryer applications we recommend the no screen ‘NS’ model.
(As a custom product, these vents are non-returnable.)

Colour Options

• Black (25)
• Tan (45)
• Light Grey (31)
• Dark Brown (68)
• Dark Grey (28)
• Snow White (01)
• Taupe (23)