November 16, 2020

Winter Heating 101: How to Efficiently Heat Your Home This Winter

Heating your home accounts for about ten percent of your yearly energy expenditure bill. That might not seem like much, but what if you could spend even less during the winter? What if you could keep your home warmer while having a few extra dollars in your bank account?

Before old man winter comes knocking at your door and frosting your eaves, let’s take a few minutes to examine your home. Here are some proven ways to efficiently heat your home.

1. Shore Up the Outside

The first line of defense in a castle are its walls. Similarly, your home keeps out the heat through insulated building materials. Heat rises, so be sure your roof is sufficiently insulated.

Before the snow lines your home with knee-deep drifts, examine your siding. Siding acts as outer insulation for your home. If the backing is torn away or disintegrating, replace it. If the caulking is shrunken or cracked, remove it and re-do it.

Lastly, be sure your wall cap intake and exhaust vents are free of debris. Sometimes birds will nest in unscreened caps and block your furnace outflow.

2. Hang Thick Curtains

Heat loss through windows represents up to 30% of your home heating bill. Yes, even with excellent windows and seals, you lose a lot through your windows.

Shore up this weakness with thick curtains. Thick curtains act as a buffer between your house and the outside. The curtains and the subsequent air between the windows and the curtains become ad hoc insulation for your room.

3. Change Your HVAC Filters

You should be changing your HVAC filters quarterly already. But if you haven’t in a while, be sure to buy a new filter. Changing your filter monthly during the winter will keep your machine running more efficiently.

A dirty filter clogs up. Think of when your own airways are blocked up, could you run even a short distance efficiently? When you continue to use a dirty filter after it’s time to change it, you risk damaging your system and increasing your energy bills.

4. Quit Heating Your Empty Home

Is there any reason to heat your house to a comfortable 70 degrees when you’re not home? Your dog does have a fur coat and they won’t care if you lower the temp just a little bit.

A smart HVAC system could help you save on energy by allowing you to program lower temps when you’re gone. Some systems will detect when you leave the house and lower the temp to a set temperature.

Try experimenting with your temperature comfort levels. Unlike summer, winter allows you to layer up and withstand cooler temperatures. Grab that fleece and that sturdy blanket and try lowering your house temp by ten degrees. You could save up to 2% on your yearly energy bill if you keep your house cooler in the winter.

Make Smart Energy Saving Choices This Winter and Save Money

When you’ve shored up your home and increased your heating efficiency, you’ll quickly see your energy bill drop. Keep up with your HVAC maintenance this winter to ensure a comfy home for your entire family.

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